Interfaith Furnishings

Donate furniture, time, or money to neighbors in need.

(Serving Morris County, New Jersey)


Our Mission

Interfaith Furnishings provides home furnishings for those in need by accepting furniture donations from the community at large. We are a non-profit service, located in Randolph, New Jersey, and we serve specific towns in Morris County, exclusively.

Our Measurable Result: Specifically, 1,681 of our neighbors in need have been furnished thus far.

Donation Options

Our next event date is on Saturday, February 19, 2022, pending any legal restrictions due to COVID-19.

To donate furniture, click here.

For eligible towns, click here.

You may also call us at:

(973) 361-1666

To volunteer, e-mail us at:

To make a financial contribution of any amount via PayPal, click below:

(A $25 donation pays for a furniture delivery to one family.)

For all other matters, call:

(973) 361-1666

How You Can Donate Furniture, Volunteer

To Donate Furniture: Donations are strictly limited to: medium-sized furniture, such as sofas, love seats, chairs, end tables, coffee tables, dinette sets, and bookcases. No trundle beds, no convertible beds, no white upholstered furniture, no entertainment centers, no oversized desks, no mirrors, no furniture with glass, no electronics, no appliances, and no household goods. We reserve the right to refuse furniture. The IRS requires that donations be in good condition to be tax-deductible. A monetary donation of $25 is requested. The donation is requested solely to offset truck rentals, gasoline, and lunch for our volunteers.

To Donate: Click here.

To Volunteer: E-mail us at

For Social Service Agency Requests: Call 973-361-1666 to set up an account.

Our Thanks: Due to your generosity of spirit, we intend to continue serving the needy, to provide a service to the community and the environment, and to create true interfaith participation that benefits all involved - and served.

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